Camp Green Lane Blog Post-August 3rd

, August 3, 2017

I cannot believe how time is flying. It is officially the last day of color war and I am speechless at how amazing it has been thus far. The spirit from both teams has been out of control on this last day of events. The screaming is infectious as each team tries to be louder than the other. Today’s events included the Amazing Race, Tugs of War and the Steeple Chase.

The Amazing Race was incredibly close between the White Team female camper captains Rayna Ostroff and Sabrina Greenberg and the Green Team female camper captains Lily Kelley and Tori Auerbach. The last event in the race consisted of solving a puzzle, which had a picture of where they would find their colored flag.  The Green team finished the puzzle just seconds before the White and both teams went off running to the Senior Girl Pagoda. The entire camp was waiting in silence to see which team would be running down the hill first.  The White team was victorious by seconds.

After we had the Tugs of War, everyone was screaming and cheering each division on as they tugged the rope with all of their might. In the end, the scores ended up almost even again with the teams splitting the victories.

Finally and a crowd favorite, was this afternoon’s Steeple Chase. The race started off close with Melissa Raudt, the Green Color War Captain winning the pudding and beating Drew Kevitch, the White Color War Captain by seconds. From the camper foul shots, to the football throws, the teams were neck and neck the whole way.  In the end, Brett Rodos killed it in the watermelon and beat Max Frantz for the Steeple Chase win!

Tonight is Sing night- everyone always loves hearing what new creative songs the campers have learned this week. I also think it is really special that past color war captains come to watch.  It is really amazing to see all of these people who still to this day feel connected to CGL and color war. Everyone sitting in that room shares a common love, and that is Camp Green Lane. They cannot go the summer without finding a way to come back, even if it’s just for one night.  So I am thankful to be among these people on this evening enjoying my 19th Color War Sing. Good luck to both Green and White!  We are all rooting for you and would give anything to be a part of color war once again.

The score going into sing tonight is:

GREEN: 2,936

WHITE: 2,910

The winner of sing receives a 150 point bonus, so whoever wins sing, will win color war! Good luck to both teams!  Stay tuned for pictures and videos later on!

Yours in camping

Aunt Jessie