Camp Green Lane Blog Post August 3rd

, August 3, 2016

Day 5 of color war– quite a day. It started out like a normal color war day with cabin and division activities. After many intense games of water polo and softball it was time to switch things up. The afternoon began with the tugs of war. The White team dominated winning 8 of the 10 tugs and closing the gap. After the tugs everyone went to BB1 to watch the Female Camper Captain event, The Amazing Race. The Amazing race consists of a series of mental and physical tasks that the girls must complete. Some of the tasks included finding a grilled cheese with tomato in a pile of 20 grilled cheeses and knocking a box off a rack using a bow and arrow. It was a very close race and after paddle boarding in the lake to get their final key the White team was victorious. Congratulations to all the Camper Captains; White team Soyna Goldberg and Sydney Green and Green team Alex Sherman and Sammy Rheingold! Tonight we have campfire skits. Both teams were tasked with writing a skit to promote their team. They have worked hard and practiced all week we are excited to see them!

 Yours in camping


Aunt Jessie