Camp Green Lane Blog Post-August 4th

, August 4, 2017


Can’t believe it is country club day! It’s crazy to think there are only 7 more days left of the summer. Where did the time go? For country club day, the campers basically have free play all day. The kids were really excited for this freedom after the color war schedule; they needed a little break to just play at camp. This afternoon we started to finish up our tournaments. Awards night is just around the corner and we are trying to get everything in! Tomorrow we will be going back to a regular daily schedule which we haven’t had in over a week.  I like when we do this after color war. I think that campers really appreciate the random non-competitive time that is spent with their cabin. I have already had campers come up to me and request certain activities in these last couple days. They are excited for challenge day, choice day, the talent show, battle of the divisions, the senior/greek show and of course, Cabaret. We still have so many awesome events to look forward to as we are getting close to bringing summer 2017 to a close.

Tonight we will have our final services of the summer lead by the Sigma girls. I was really excited to hear that the Sigma girls asked to do this final service. This is their last week of being campers and I think this is a really great way to end their camper experience. I remember it being a crazy thought that I would come back he following summer as a staff member.  It’s a big change so I think we are all excited to hear what they have to say in these final days. It’s also a cool experience for me because these girls are the last campers in camp that I had the pleasure of being their counselor back in 2010. It’s crazy how time flies. Can’t wait to see them stand up and lead this camp as a group one last time.

Yours in camping,

Aunt Jessie