Camp Green Lane Blog Post August 4th

, August 4, 2018

Another guest blog post tonight form one of our camp parents.  Enjoy!!!

One more week.  

In one more week our lives will be very different than tonight. 

Tonight there are parents scrambling to have one last Saturday night date night. 

Tonight there are little brothers and sisters at home knowing this is their last week of longing for their bigs.

Tonight every parent begins the countdown.  One more week until we squeeze our kids so hard.  One more week until the full inspection begins!  Did they get a little taller? Stronger?  Do they look happy?  Did they sleep AT ALL this last week at camp?  To all the moms and dads who have asked me “are you SO excited they will be home in a week?” the answer is YES and NO.

I am looking forward to the hum.  I am looking forward to the noise and the stories and the full heart that comes with a full house.  I am looking forward to having my favorite campers return to me and share the stories, the moments, the love they have for camp.  I look forward to showering them with love and kisses and all their favorite things (and a traditional shower as well….  They need it!).  I am looking forward to spending time with them.  I am looking forward to discovering all the new bits and pieces of their budding selves.  I am looking forward to smushing them and hugging them about a million times.  And, I’m not.

Why Not??  Because, as a former camper (not CGL, but seriously, my camp could have been CGL’s NY cousin), I know in my heart, they will long for camp in a way my smushing them can’t fill completely.  I don’t want this week to go too quickly for them.  I don’t want them back until they have had EVERY SINGLE SECOND of camp.  I know in my heart they will need to transition back to reality.  They will be exhausted.  They will miss their friends/camp family.  They will probably be on Fortnite within about a minute.  They will be back to the pressures of 6th and 9th grade in no time.  They will struggle without their CGL pack behind them.  They are forever changed and yet they have to fit back in.

So, here’s to the last week of camp.  Here’s to another week of making lifetime memories!  Time, be good to my kids, and don’t make it too quick for them.  Don’t let them miss a moment.  I’ll be here waiting.

Jaime Green (an Inter Boy and Senior Boy Mom)