Camp Green Lane Blog Post- August 4th

, August 4, 2016

The final day of the war and both teams are still fighting hard. In the morning the teams competed in All Gods Children, a game where the campers must find their shoes on the Basketball court, tie them and then run to the line. Once one of the teams hit a certain number of tied shoes they win. The white team swept the morning brining them within 50 points of the Green. Then this afternoon was our annual Camp Green Lane Steeplechase. In this event members from each cabin are chosen to compete in a relay. The race starts with the Female Counselor Captains eating 7 pounds of pudding, green for the green team and white for the white team.  Once they are finisher, they then tag a runner from their team. After that Green and White team members compete in different legs of the race such as leap frog, football throw, swimming and shooting a 3 pointer. The race ends with the Male Counselor Captains eating a half of a watermelon. This years ending was extremely exciting. The White team was ahead the entire race. Going into the watermelon they held a 3 minute and 40 second lead but Green team Captain Abe Granoff came from behind and was able to win the race. Congrats to all of our captains Abe Granoff, Matt Reses, Lauren Fishman and Emily Leibovitz on a great job this entire week. They really ran a spirited color war. Going into the sing tonight the White team is only down by 100 points meaning it all comes down to the sing. Good luck to both teams we cannot wait to hear your songs!


Yours in camping


Aunt Jessie Levin and Jessie Hockman