Camp Green Lane Blog Post August 5th

, August 5, 2017

The weather today was amazing. There was nothing but clear skies and a cool breeze, the perfect camp day. Everyone was very excited to get back to a normal schedule. There were lots of campers in the Lake, Arts and Crafts, cooking and working on the Senior Greek Show. Tonight we even have regular divisional evening activities and an overnight! We are trying to make the most of this last week of camp. It’s crazy to think that at this time next week we will not be living in the arches anymore. We are officially in a countdown that everyone wishes wasn’t happening. We all just want to slow down the time and not waste a second of it. We want to squeeze in as much as we can for our campers to make this last week perfect.

This afternoon I was able to hang out with the Holiday girls for a period and I have to say it was the most fun I’ve had in awhile. As we all sat in the circle and I taught them a new game to play they talked with me about their summers. It is so interesting to hear the perspective of a 7 year old. They are excited about every little thing. They found something fun and new at every activity in just this one-day. They told me how cool the Sigma girls were on stage last night and how they hope that one-day they will be like them. They had many funny stories from a kickball and Newcomb game. They also had many questions about how I come up with all of the different special events. The point is they were just excited and enjoying their time left at Camp Green Lane. They weren’t thinking about the end, they were living in the present. So I am hoping that all the campers can have the same attitude in this coming week. If everyone can enjoy every moment just like the Holiday girls do, then the summer 2017 will definitely be one to remember.

 Yours in camping,

 Aunt Jessie