Camp Green Lane Blog Post August 5th

, August 5, 2018

One last Guest Blog.  Enjoy!

As we approach the last week of camp, I can’t believe how fast the summer flew by.  This was the second year that I was able to spend a week up at camp and once again, I was able to watch color war unfold.  Participating in this week long tradition for the second time has given me new insight into what makes Camp Green Lane such a special place.

I watched as a veteran counselor committed herself to finish her event during the acorn relay.  She did not give up even when the race was over.  I watched as over 300 children chanted her name- campers from both teams- encouraging her to finish. Every single child in camp learned an important life lesson- the importance of persistence and determination. How many times do we tell this to our kids? How many times do kids really get to see this in action?

I watched as two teams cheered for the other throughout the week. I am not talking about a half-hearted show of sportsmanship but rather, genuine caring and consideration for fellow campers and counselors.  I was a camper my entire life at camps throughout North America and I have never seen a camp family like Green Lane.  The minute I stepped through the arches, that feeling permeated into me and has never left.  Campers walk hand in hand, supporting each other and lifting each other higher.  They fill each other’s buckets so that everyone in camp is overflowing with that special thing only CGL can give. 

I watched as campers sang about friendships at camp.  They did not do this because they had to.  They sang because they believe it and feel it.  As the Green team was announced the winner of color war, bunks came together- green and white- to simultaneously congratulate and console each other. 

When I see my children, they are different then the people they were when they left for camp.  They are more determined and confident. They are more supportive of each other and more empathetic people.  Most importantly, my kids are happy. They are leaving camp with a family that is much bigger than it was before.  Thank you for another amazing summer.

Jackie Robins (Current Camp Parent/Wife of Camp Dr.)