Camp Green Lane Blog Post August 5th

, August 5, 2019

Today we had our Leagues Playoffs and Championships! The campers were split into leagues teams by division at the beginning of the summer and have been playing with their team throughout the summer. The teams have competed in basketball, softball, hockey, beach volleyball, soccer, gaga and water polo. The campers have played hard all summer and the winners should be so proud of themselves. We will be having a Chiaro’s pizza party lunch this Wednesday for all of the Leagues winners to celebrate!

Tonight we have our last Survivor event of the summer! The divisions have been working hard on their songs for Survivor Sing! The entire camp will meet in the Globe to hear each division’s song. The songs are written about why their division is the best and everyone is anticipating a great night! We cannot wait to hear what creative songs each division has come up with! They are songs that will be sung in the dining hall for years to come!

Below are our past events from this summer and the results for each:

Event 1: Plank

1. Senior Girls

2. Greeks 

3. Inter Girls

Event 2: Paint Wars

1. Inter Boys

2. Inter Girls

3. Greeks

Event 3: Bet on It

1. Greeks

2. Cadets

3. Debs

Event 4: Scavenger Hunt

1. Debs

2. Greeks

3. Senior Boys

Event 5: Bucket Brigade

1. Cadets

2. Debs

3. Greeks 

The winner of Survivor is still anyone’s game because Sing is worth the most amount of points. We will announce the winner of Sing and Survivor 2019 this Friday night at our Banquet!