Camp Green Lane Blog Post August 6th

, August 6, 2017

August 6th 2017 was quite a day. It was the day that began a new camp tradition. The first ever Battle of the Divisions will take place tonight at 7:45 pm.  The campers have been working all week in preparation for this event. They are tasked with proving they are better than all of the other divisions. Some of the events tonight include; rock, paper, scissor competition, the frozen t-shirt race, hula-hoop relay and the cup game. The basic idea of the competition is that each division has to decide which campers will perform which tasks. Every camper must participate at least once. Then everyone will participate in a Division song competition. The division with the most points at the end of the competition will be crowned the winner. I am really excited to hear the songs and the walk –in presentation that each will do. I think it is so great how creative our counselors are. They put so much hard work into making events like this fun for our campers and making sure that everyone is involved. So, good luck to all the divisions tonight. Can’t wait to see who we crown as the first ever winner of this battle!

Yours in camping,

Aunt Jessie