Camp Green Lane Blog Post August 6th

, August 6, 2018

Only 5 more days left of camp — you can really feel everyone trying to enjoy every last moment. You see campers holding hands as they walk to their activities and bunkmates sitting in bed together talking about their day before they go to bed. You see new friends already talking about keeping in touch, and old friends already guessing what their next Color War theme will be. Everyone is truly soaking up this last week.

Last night’s evening activity was the penultimate Survivor event: Upper Staff Hide-N-Seek! Every camper waited in the Dining Hall while Upper Staff hid themselves throughout camp. Campers received points for their division for every Upper Staff member they found. It was a blast watching campers and counselors run around together with flashlights giggling as they were looking for their Supervisors. In the end, the Inter Boys took first place!!

Speaking of Inter Boys, this morning Aunt Rose started a new tradition with her division: the Polar Bear Plunge! Aunt Rose and her counselors surprised the Upper Inter Boys Cabins of Cards and Blue Jays by waking them up at 7am, putting on life jackets, and going for an early morning dip in the lake while the rest of camp was asleep! It was a wonderful bonding experience for our youngest campers and they couldn’t stop talking about it all day. I have no doubt we’ll see a Polar Bear Plunge again in 2019.

Out-of-Camp trips continued today for the Greeks, as they visited the beautiful boardwalk of Ocean City. A little fun in the sun with boardwalk food and games is not a bad way to spend the end of the summer with your best friends! For the rest of camp, campers enjoyed Choice Day — where they got to spend the day playing their favorite activities and games throughout camp.

Tonight, we will have our final divisional Camp Fires of the summer. Everyone will get to enjoy some stories, songs, and of course some s‘mores.