Camp Green Lane Blog Post–August 6th

, August 6, 2019

Today was a Funday morning on our schedule and after lunch everyone headed to the Globe for a matinee! Our Seniors and Greeks performed High School Musical for their theatrical show of the summer. All of the campers and staff loved the show and the entire audience clapped and sang along! The show turned into a giant camp sing a long! 

After the show, we had our first Birthday Meal rally. Birthday Meal will be tomorrow night at dinner and it is when everyone sits together by their month. There are two counselor captains per month and they were tasked with writing their month’s song. The songs will be about why their month is the best and performed tomorrow night at dinner. Each team will get to decorate a cake for their table to enjoy as well. It’s a really fun dinner that the campers and staff look forward to all summer!

After rallies, the campers enjoyed free swims and headed back to their bunks to get ready for Ice Skating tonight! Ice Skating is one of everyone’s favorite trips of the summer! Everyone dresses in longs and longs and has a blast on and off the ice!