Camp Green Lane Blog Post–August 6th

, August 6, 2016

It was a beautiful regular Heyday in Camp Green Lane, our first “regular” day since the War ended! Campers were excited to be in the Lake again, have free swim with their whole cabin and play lots of Gaga. On top of all these activities all divisions in camp have started their league playoffs and are finishing up tournaments. Some of these tournaments include swimming, football throw, lay ups and dashes. Awards night is only 4 nights away so everything is finishing up.

As I walked around camp today checking on all the activities I gotta say everyone is just so happy here. I see nothing but smiles as we enjoy our last week between the arches. We are all living in the moment and loving every minute because this week will go by fast. It makes me sad just thinking that this is the last Saturday night we will spend here this summer. It’s time to make those last minute memories and appreciate our time here.

Tonight the Seniors and Greeks will have casino night in the Dining Hall. They will play card games and win tickets to get prizes for the rest of the summer. The Debs have a movie while the Cadets will work on tournaments. Finally the Inters have Bid and Buy. Only 6 nights left and we are going to make them count!

Yours in camping

Aunt Jessie