Camp Green Lane Blog Post August 7th

, August 7, 2017

Last night’s Battle of the Divisions was a hit! The campers had so much fun with their funny walk-ins, song competition and much more. My favorite part was both the Frozen T-shirt race and the Rock, Paper, Scissor competition. It was so awesome to see Inters and Greeks go head to head. Or have a Deb beat a Senior Boy in the cup game. Everyone had a blast and we are happy to say this is a new tradition we plan on continuing for the future. We are excited to say that the first ever winner of Battle of the Divisions was the Senior Girls. Congrats girls!!

It’s hard to believe but today was our first real rainy day of the summer. We have been extremely lucky with weather this summer, so one day of rainy day activities doesn’t hurt us. We had divisions watching movies in the gym, playing bombardment in the dome and enjoying time at the arts center. Our Seniors and Greeks spent the whole day working on their show which is tonight! We are really excited to see what they have been working one. The craziest part about today is that there are no more regular scheduled days left of camp. Tomorrow is Challenge day, then Choice day, then packing day and finally the last day of camp. There will be no more Somedays, Anydays, Onedays, Heydays, Saydays, Playdays or Fundays. We are officially at the end and going to hold onto every last second we can get here!

 Yours in camping

 Aunt Jessie