Camp Green Lane Blog Post August 7th

, August 7, 2018

The annual Camp Green Lane Biathlon/Triathlon 2018 was a huge success!

The main event of the morning was the much-anticipated biathlon and triathlon races where campers had to swim, bike, and run their way to victory! Inter Girls/Boys competed in a biathlon (swim then run) while Debs, Cadets, and Senior Boys/Girls competed in a full triathlon, including biking as well. It was incredibly touching to see counselors and campers run alongside their friends, brothers and sisters running together, cheering and supporting them the entire way. Completing a biathlon/triathlon is an immense accomplishment, and we were incredibly proud as campers crossed the finish line with their supporting cast in tow!

Following lunch, camp was treated to the Seniors and Greeks production of Grease! Campers always love watching their bunkmates perform on stage, screaming their names when they speak their first lines. The entire crowd was swaying along while the actors sang and danced to all the hits, like Beauty School Dropout and Grease Lightning.

Tonight’s evening activity will be our last out-of-camp trip: ice skating! The entire camp, in two different shifts will spend the evening skating the night away and cooling off in an ice rink!