Camp Green Lane Blog Post August 7th

, August 7, 2019

Today was all about creating memories and enjoying our final days together here at camp! We spent the morning doing a “choice” morning. We had each bunk list their top 10 favorite activities from this summer. We then gave them three of their choices to enjoy for 1st, 2nd and 3rd period this morning. You could see smiling faces all around as everyone truly got to enjoy their favorite activities here between the arches. 

This morning at 7am, Aunt Rose woke up all the boys in the Cards and Blue Jays for their annual summer Polar Plunge.  Each boy put on a lifejacket right outside their cabin and sprinted down to the lake for a an early morning dip in the Lake Unami!  The boys screamed with laughter the whole way down and couldn’t wait to take that plunge!  Aunt Rose then greeted them with Donuts.  That is a memory those boys will have forever! 

Our Leagues Winners enjoyed a Chiaro’s Pizza Lunch at the Canteen to celebrate their victories today! After lunch, we had our final song rallies for Birthday Meal dinner tonight and a “challenge” afternoon. The bunks gave us challenge requests as each bunk got to choose another bunk to challenge in something serious or very silly. Some of the challenges include, Holiday vs. Cubs in steal the bacon, Hershey vs. Phillies in gymnastics, Sands vs Dodgers in dodgeball, Atlantis vs. A’s in red rover, Hyatt vs. Gamma in a dance off and many more! It’s a really fun afternoon! 

Tonight each division will meet for their own Award’s Night! Awards will be given out to each tournament winner in the division and campers who have been here for three or more summers will receive their camp plaque to bring home. It’s the last night campers and staff will meet just as their division. It’s a nice time for divisions to reflect on this past summer and reminisce about all of the special moments they have made together. 

You can see everyone holding hands a little tighter and giving each other extra hugs today as the feeling of the summer ending is starting to set in. We all wish we could stay in our carefree home forever but we will cherish every moment we have left together between the arches.