Camp Green Lane Blog Post, August 8th

, August 8, 2021

Today was Country Club Day, an annual tradition here at Camp Green Lane, where campers enjoy Free Play all day.

After a long week of Color War, today is designed to allow everyone to rest up for the last days of the summer. It’s a day to do all your favorite activities here at camp, to chart your own course for adventure with your friends. Today saw big crowds around the ping pong tables, down at the lake, the pool, BB1, and of course, the Canteen!

It was so special to share the Sing with you all at home last night.

Sing Night is a special night of traditions here at camp that stretches back generations. Some of the songs and the words you heard last night will be sung forever by some of those kids!

The end of Sing is up there among the best moments of the summer each year, and it happened again last night after the Green Team was crowned the winner. They celebrated for a moment among themselves, but then they moved their chairs out of the way and went to their friends on the White team. They hugged, they kissed, they high-fived and every summer, the best part of Color War is when both teams become one again.

For all the songs and sportsmanship, Sing is a bittersweet night. While it marks the end of Color War and an incredible week of competition, the night is also a reminder of how little time is left in the summer.

The coming days will fly with leagues playoffs and tournaments and a burst of end-of-summer traditions that will make the final week go by in a flash.

This has been a wonderful summer and we’ll all be sad when it’s over. Friends are starting to hold each other a little closer with the full understanding our time here is limited.

That’s why we’re going to make the very best of every moment!

See you tomorrow!