Camp Green Lane Blog Post– August 9th

, August 9, 2017

Only 2 more days to go, pretty crazy right. Everyone is holding onto these last couple days for dear life. Campers are finding every way possible to have fun and experience camp in all its glory. There were lots of Kickball, BBK and steal the bacon games played today. Campers went in the lake, the pool, and finished up all of their arts and crafts for the summer. Today we also had a lot of special activities going on. We had leagues winners’ lunch, Birthday meal dinner, Choice day, campfires and Awards Night. We are really packing it in! Birthday meal dinner is one of my favorite special events of camp. It’s so fun to make a cake that represents your month and sit with other people born in your month. Sometimes its fun to switch up the dining hall. Awards night is always a really special experience. All the kids receive plaques for the amount of years they have been in camp, trophies for the tournaments they have won and some other special certificates like horseback riding. My favorite part of awards night is last will. It is a chance for the counselors and campers to talk about all of their cabin inside jokes and reflect on everything that happened this summer. Everyone is always excited to hear what their counselors will “leave them”. I remember one summer a counselor left me the sprit award. It made me so happy because I knew that they noticed how much camp spirit I possessed. They gave me something that was special to me and I will always remember it. Can’t wait to hear what other campers are left tonight.


Yours in camping,


Aunt Jessie