Camp Green Lane Blog Post-August 9th

, August 9, 2016

The best part about this last week of camp so far is no one is treating it like it is the last week. Everyone is still playing all the activities, and walking around like we are here forever. No one is ready to accept that we only have 4 days left and that is the way it should be. Today we had challenge day. Cabins each submitted challenges they had against other cabins in different sports and activities. We had Holiday and Hershey doing an ice cream sandwich eating contest, while the Mets and Yankees challenged Biltmore and Atlantis to an intense game of soccer. Everyone had a blast switching things up and playing activities with different cabins.

 Tonight we are going ice staking which is one of my favorite trips. I love seeing everyone help each other learn how to skate and supporting the younger campers. It is a perfect last camp trip. Tomorrow is an action packed day with battle of the sexes, birthday meal and awards nights. We will keep you posted on everything to come!

 Yours in camping

Aunt Jessie