Camp Green Lane Blog Post December 16th

, December 16, 2016

Boy, its cold outside!!!! Makes me really miss those warm summer days at Camp Green Lane!!!!

We hope everyone had an amazing time at the Winter reunion this past weekend! It was so great to see everyone!  Make sure you take lots of pictures and send them over to us the first time you wear your new winter hats out in the snow!

As winter break approaches, it always makes me think about camp reunions and get togethers. Since we are off from school, obviously the best way to spend your time is with people form the CGL family. From sleepovers, to just all meeting up for a little fun I am sure lots of reunions will be happening. You can’t put into words the feeling you get when you see a camp friend that you haven’t seen in a while. You run up to each other from far away and hug like it’s been years since you were last together. Then you do the quick catch up on anything you have missed in the last couple months. Finally you go on like you were never apart. You always are able to pick up right where you left off with camp people. Each of these mini reunions reminds me of the first day of camp. Unfortunately they do not last 7 weeks, but they are a little taste of what is to come in just 6 short months. Enjoy the reunions these next few weeks with your Camp Green Lane family. Make memories, take pictures and share amazing moments together. We wish everyone a happy holiday and happy new year and we can’t wait to see everyone in just 6 months!

Yours in camping

Aunt Jessie