Camp Green Lane Blog Post-February 16th

, February 16, 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day CGL,

Love is in the air and if you are reading this, you must love Camp Green Lane! Many people may see that as the only relatable aspect of camp to Valentine’s Day. I think it goes even deeper. This past summer, you may have noticed our new Marriage Pagoda. It is a great place to sit, but also serves another very important purpose, it celebrates married couples who have met between the arches at Camp Green Lane.

While scanning the names, there are many familiar couples, both Adam and Rene, and Jay and Melissa are listed. I think it is super cool that both families that own and run Camp Green Lane met here. I challenge you to find any other place that all owners started there as kids, met their significant others, and then grew up to give back those types of experiences to others! There are also names enshrined on the pagoda that may not be familiar to some. As you get older, you really start to understand how impactful your summers in the arches are. Even if you don’t have your name on the Marriage Pagoda one day, every single person has an impact.

A few weeks ago, I assigned my students a monologue project where they needed to interview people and write a monologue about their lives. I posted on Facebook and was overwhelmed by the amount of my Camp Green Lane family (some who I haven’t spoken to in years) who were so enthusiastic to help out. My students presented their monologues, and I was able to see how they portrayed my friends from camp. It was awesome to see that in each monologue that was presented from a camp person, that they made it a point to include how their summers at CGL shaped them into becoming who they are now.

The air is starting to warm up (well in Florida at least). People are going outside more, and you can sense that spring is almost here. The camp season is heating up too. Daily cabin schedules, new special events, DJs, exciting new evening activities, camps with-in-a-camp, meals and everything else is all coming together. If there is anything you would like to see included at camp this summer, please email so we can take a look!

There are only 5 short months until we get to be under the arches for the summer. See you all then!

Yours in camping,

Uncle Jesse