Camp Green Lane Blog Post–February 2nd

, February 2, 2018

They say that to truly experience something you have to do so with all 5 of your senses. The overall experience of a Green Lane summer is a whirlwind of fun, friends, laughter, and love, but if you had to slow it down and really think about what you experience with each of your senses, what would you describe?


  • The Arch as the bus pulls down the road on the first day of camp
  • The view from Cadet row on a sunny day, looking down towards the pool and lake
  • Thousands of names written on the walls of Arts & Crafts
  • Color War plaques in the dining hall. Can you name all of the themes? Captains?


  • Hot blacktop after a storm
  • Campfire by the lake
  • A new red kickball
  • Hot dogs on the BBQ pit


  • That first grilled cheese of the summer
  • An ice-cream sandwich
  • Cold bug juice after a morning of running around camp
  • Aunt Allison’s cupcakes in a cone


  • 3 booms
  • Every bunk cheering their loudest at lunch on the first day
  • Chants of “ten, ten, ten, ten”
  • Reveille waking you up each morning


  • Hugging your best friend when they get off the bus
  • Jumping into the pool on a hot day
  • Holding your friend’s hand as you launch yourselves down the slide and into the lake
  • The feel of the wind on your face as you head down the zip line

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