Camp Green Lane Blog Post–Greek Trip

, July 15, 2016

For most teenagers, the summer means no school, sleeping in, lazy days, and less commitments. For the Greek division at Camp Green Lane, the summer means impact, volunteering, adventures, waiting tables and being a counselor in training and most of all enjoying the summer with your best friends!!!


Each summer, the Greek division (Boys and Girls going into 10th and 11th Grade) go on a 2 night/3 day trip. This year, we visited Lake Placid.  It was truly amazing, challenging, and oh so rewarding – we  got to ice skate on the Olympic Hockey Rink, navigate a high adventure course, hike, raft, kayak, paddle board, visit the Olympic park, shoot paintballs and luge. We made s’mores, and after all the madness, our Greeks got a chance to chill out, listen to some live music and enjoy some ice cream.

I love that the kids have the opportunity to experience this type of trip in their remaining years of being campers and kids! I love seeing the smiles on their faces after doing somethings they didn’t want to do and the pride they feel after accomplishing what they thought was impossible.  I love how when we got back to camp, they all couldn’t wait to tell the younger campers all about their experiences. For many of them, thinking about doing the high adventure course (this course was pretty intense, even compared to our High Ropes Course at Camp) was scary and uncomfortable. But, when it came down to it, every camper did it and conquered those fears. I heard encouragement and congratulations all around. Most importantly, upon their return, they shared that information with the younger campers. Lesson learned…Never be afraid to try something that looks a little intimidating. Life is full of opportunities that can just pass you by.

Your in Camping,

Aunt Rene, Greek Supervisor