Camp Green Lane Blog Post–Happy New Year!!!

, January 4, 2019

Happy New Year, CGL Family!

Seeing so many of your smiling faces at the reunion kicked off an amazing holiday season. We loved seeing pictures of reunion-eve sleepovers. We smiled every time we watched friends run into each other’s arms for the first hug since getting on the bus in August. We enjoyed hearing stories about camp friends seeing each other over winter break. That love is what CGL is all about!

Now that we’ve flipped the page from 2018 to 2019, it’s time to start thinking about the upcoming summer (as if we haven’t been thinking about that every second of every day since the last one ended). What are our resolutions summer 2019?

1. To be the best Camp Green Lane we can be!

2. To hire the best staff!

3. To make sure that every camper feels loved and accepted within the arches!

4. To put together amazing bunk schedules so that each day is filled with fun!

5. To plan an amazing Color War break!

6. To surprise you with new activities and special events!

Speaking of new…. we’re excited to announce that two new bunks are being built on boys’ row where the gaga courts used to stand. Those courts are being moved to a location we’ve just cleared out between the Dome and the Gym. We’re thrilled to add new elements to the camp map and we know that you will love living/playing in them!

Camp will be here before you know it! Counting down the minutes!!