Camp Green Lane Blog Post Jan 24th, 2018

, January 24, 2018

You know you’re a Camp Green Lane camper when:


  • You sing the words to the color war song instead of the real song on the radio
  • You have a shoebox full of bus letters and silent meal notes
  • You check the weather and think “it’s a longs and longs kinda day”
  • You play sing down or paper bag drama with your friends
  • It rains and you think “Bunko”!!!
  • You sing “that’s alright that’s ok we’re gonna beat them anyway” in gym class
  • Singing Happy Birthday to someone, you add “Kings & Queens and Bishops too, wanna wish the best to you…”
  • You know all the words to the Juice Squad song
  • You stack your dishes at home and in restaurants
  • You know that SomeDay, AnyDay, OneDay, HeyDay, SayDay, PlayDay and FunDay are all days of the week
  • You  know that “Sing” is a noun, not a verb
  • You know the best tactic to win in tugs-of-war is to turn around and face away from the other team
  • You wonder why there aren’t dance parties during lunch in the school cafeteria
  • You know what month everyone is born in because you can picture them in their birthday meal costume
  • You hear a firework go off and you automatically stop and listen for two more
  • You can carve a watermelon into an amazing jack-o-lantern
  • You know that White is out of sight and Green is supreme
  • You know that Aw Shucks Corn is the best corn in the world!
  • You’ve said the word “Unami”
  • You consider Chipwiches to be a dessert delicacy
  • You’ve played All God’s Children, Message to Garcia, Who’s Got It, and Beat the Pro
  • You live 10 months for the 2 you live in a cabin with your best friends in the best place in the entire world!