Camp Green Lane Blog Post July 10th

, July 10, 2019

If you ask everyone in camp their favorite thing about being here, you’d probably get many different answers. People love the slide in the lake, high ropes, ice cream sandwiches in the canteen and basketball on BB1. Kids can’t get enough of the quads, our cupcakes in a cone at cooking and our arts and crafts center.

My favorite thing about camp though isn’t a specific activity. My absolute favorite thing about this fantasy bubble we are lucky enough to live in, is that it is technology free! I love watching the campers interact and experience real memories together, screen free! This creates a true bond among campers and creates everlasting friendships. It’s wonderful to walk around and see everyone being present and fully engaged with one another. Campers laugh their hearts out and sing on the top of their lungs, without a care in the world. The best part is, no one stops to say “wait, I need to get a picture of this!” They are just living in the moment, enjoying time with their best friends, as it should be. 

That’s what I love most about Green Lane. Kids get to be kids. 

Tonight, we have an action packed night of fun! The Inter Girls are headed to Freddy Hill for mini golf and ice cream. Our inter boys have a Counselor Hunt throughout camp. Our debs are playing Panic and our Cadets have Message to Garcia. Our Senior Girls have Paint Night with Aunt Barb and our Senior Boys are headed out on their overnight under the stars!