Camp Green Lane Blog Post, July 10th

, July 10, 2021

Last night was a special night at Camp Green Lane. We held our first Friday Night Services of the summer.

The night was hosted by the Inter Girls, who taught us how if the rest of the world worked like camp—full of kindness and rest hour and afternoon snacks—it would be a better place.

We sang 30-year-old camp songs and stood arm in arm with our friends, but the highlight of the night was the awarding of our first CGL C.H.I.P.s of the summer. These are special medals awarded to campers and counselors for exhibiting the CGL virtues of Courage, Honesty, Integrity and Perseverance.

The first CHIP of the summer was awarded earlier this week to Elliott Lesser, a first-year camper in the Tigers, for his incredible sportsmanship. His counselor, Daniel Goldstein was also honored last night for his exemplary work with the boys. Finally, Sadie Solomon of Atlantis  received a medal for caring about others.

These are special ceremonies here at camp. Today, under clear blue skies again, we played hard all day, offering plenty of chances for a whole new group of campers to exhibit sportsmanship and perseverance when the next medals are decided.

We went through a full Playday schedule, which included Choice for all campers to improve at their favorite sport. There was also kickball in the Circle all day, while the gaga pits were crowded and beach volleyball was bumping. There were tight soccer matches and fierce water polo contests. We had French toast sticks for breakfast and pizza for lunch, and evening activities are set for tonight.

But there’s a buzz in the air. There’s a feeling that another special event might be coming soon.

Stay tuned …