Camp Green Lane Blog Post July 11th

, July 11, 2019

Today was a rainy afternoon between the arches which made for the perfect opportunity to have one of our favorite Survivor activities in the Dome! 

Right as the rain came in, the Survivor music blasted through camp and everyone ran to the Dome for “Bet on It”. Bet on It is a game we created here at camp that involves all of our amazing (and competitive) upper staff members. We had 10 different events in place and the bunks had to bet each round which upper staff member they thought was going to win. Every bunk was given 10 available points to begin and had to bet at least 1 point every round. 

We had all different kinds of events, ranging from serious to very silly. We had a foul shot contest, an oreo eating contest, hockey shots, a water bottle flipping contest, the always famous rock, paper, scissor challenge, trash can pong, a supervisor egg toss and an all upper staff game of knock out. 

The kids had a blast cheering on their favorite upper staff members and the upper staff had a ton of fun competing! It was so much fun to all be together and there were definitely some unexpected upsets that kept everyone on their toes! In the end, Gamma won for the Greeks, Rockies came in 2nd for the Cadets and Seasons came in 3rd for the Debs. 

Camp Green Lane can turn even the rainiest days into really fun memories!