Camp Green Lane Blog Post July 11th

, July 11, 2016

Last night we had our first campfires of the summer! There is something very unique about a campfire. Campfires are so universal, everyone enjoys them. From the 6 year old Inter Boy who has never experienced one before to the 16 year old Greek Girls who can’t wait to make and eat their S’mores, they all have fun. Even the counselors love to sit around the fire and sing camp songs. Last nights’ campfire was especially fun because it was our first ever Pal campfire. It was cool to see the Inter and Senior pairs enjoy this experience together and continue to grow their family bond.

Today we had our second Camp within a Camp of the summer, Circus Camp! After breakfast the National Circus Project put on an amazing performance of juggling and balancing acts for the entire camp. Then those participating in the campday learned tons of new tricks and experienced what it is like to be in the circus. They had a great day!

Tonight the Inter Boys have night leagues while the Inter Girls will do tournaments in the dome. The Debs have Cake Boss and the Cadets have Panic. Finally, the Senior Girls and Boys will be going bowling tonight.  The Greeks left this morning for their three day trip to Lake Placid.

Yours in camping

Aunt Jessie