Camp Green Lane Blog Post July 12th

, July 12, 2019

Today was Olympics here at Camp Green Lane and it was a BLAST! 

 Olympics started with our opening ceremonies as each team walked on to BB1 with their theme song. Once seated, our former Greek Camper Captains carried the Olympic torch from location to location through camp until it ended up back at BB1 as the flame was lit and Olympics 2019 began! 

Our first event was team cheers followed by the always popular Fear Factor from our captains. This year, the captains had to eat a blueberry pie without using their hands. Instead of whipped cream on top of the pie, we put a hefty serving of sour cream! The captains demolished the pies and the campers had an amazing time cheering them on! Clue came in 1st place for our opening ceremonies, Candyland in 2nd, Life in 3rd and Monopoly in 4th. 

The campers had 4 activities throughout the day with a BBQ lunch in between. Our activities this year were nothing short of spectacular! While Olympics is competitive, in the end, we really try to make the activities FUN. There was a giant slip n slide relay on cadet boy lawn, a game of hungry hippos, slip n slide kickball, sea hunt in the pool and an obstacle course with a huge foam slip n slide, to name a few. Tonight at dinner, our boys of Delta will compete in our annual Wing Bowl competition for their Olympics teams.

Going into our Wing Bowl, Candyland is in the lead with 600 points, Clue with 560, Life with 485 and Monopoly with 427. It is still anyone’s game! 

Olympics will end tonight with the captains leading their teams in a song during our camp dance to determine the winner! Win or lose, it has been an incredible day of fun for all!