Camp Green Lane Blog Post July 13th

, July 13, 2018


The CGL Olympic Flame burned bright during the morning’s opening ceremony. The ceremony kicked off with choreographed entrances and enthusiastic chants from all four teams — Jocks, Preps, Skaters, and Nerds. Once teams were settled into their seats, they watched the Olympic Torch make its way to light the Olympic Flame — signaling the beginning of CGL Olympics 2018!

The first event was a Fear Factor Challenge for the Olympic Captains. Campers excitedly cheered while their captains had to sift through a bowl of live worms to get a black poker chip and once found, had a chocolate cupcake eating competition. Afterwards, the four teams, by division,  competed against one another in fun-filled wacky events throughout the day, including Slip N Slide Relays; Egg Toss; Balls of Fury; Sea Hunt; Knockerball Bacon; Whirly Ball; and Slip N Slide Kickball.

The main afternoon event was the obstacle course by the lake. It was a thrilling affair as competitors had to spin around a baseball bat 10 times before running through an obstacle course that ended in a colorful slip n slide.(see the photos!). Campers really got into the spirit cheering on their teams — the energy was palpable!

The excitement wasn’t over yet…a wing eating contest awaited the Greeks at the dining hall before dinner. They had to scarf down as many hot wings as possible in three minutes. The entire camp was screaming in exhilaration to cheer on their team as the clock counted down!

The scores between the four teams are razor close as we head into the evening’s sing competition at the Olympic Dance. Who will win? Stay tuned…