Camp Green Lane Blog Post July 13th

, July 13, 2016

One of the best things about being at camp for the summer is how cut off from technology we all are. In the office we have seen the news about this new Pokémon Go app. People are going crazy for it and walking everywhere with their faces in their phones constantly looking for Pokémon. It seems that kids are glued to their phones and we are so thankful that is not the case at Camp Green Lane. Campers here haven’t even heard about this new Pokémon craze going on in the outside world. Instead they are worrying about who will win Olympics on Friday, what should they wear to the dance or when is the next time their cabin gets to go to High Ropes.  Our campers are totally involved only with what is happening between the arches at CGL. I love seeing the delight in their faces when they get a letter, not a text message, but a hand written letter. It’s as if we went back to a simpler time when everyone just enjoyed the outdoors and each other’s company. Its such a gift that all of you parents give to your children, at Camp Green Lane, the ability to unplug for 7 weeks. We are all thankful to step out of the real world and into the Camp Green Lane bubble. We wish it could last forever.

Yours in Camping

Aunt Jessie