Camp Green Lane Blog Post July 14th

, July 14, 2019

We had a wonderful last day with our New Ventures campers today! We were sad to see them go but we had a blast and hope to see their smiling faces here next summer!

At the beginning of 7th period today, the Survivor theme song blasted through our speakers and everyone in camp screamed in excitement and ran to BB1 for our 4th Survivor event of the summer!

The event was a CGL trivia scavenger hunt and it took a lot of brains to win this challenge! Each division was split into five groups and as the whistle blew kids sprinted in all directions to find the answers to the 25 questions on their sheet of paper. 30 minutes was put on the scoreboard and the division that brought us back the most answers in the shortest amount of time won!

Below are a few of the questions from the scavenger hunt:

– What year did the Captain’s names start to appear on the color war plaques?

– Who won color war in 1960?

– Who were the counselors of the 1969 Tigers?

– Who is the only 3-pete leagues MVP?

– Which upper staff members have their names on the benches in the Globe?

– How many names are on the marriage pagoda?

All of the questions from the scavenger hunt could be found somewhere in camp. That’s the cool thing about Green Lane. There is history everywhere! You just have to look.

Everyone had a ton of fun and did a great job but in the end there could only be one winner! Debs took 1st place, Greeks came in 2nd and Senior Boys came in 3rd.

Tonight is the Lower Camp Show which features a mix of different musicals. Everyone is excited to see their bunkmates and pals perform! The campers have been working hard all summer and we know the show will be a huge success!