Camp Green Lane Blog Post, July 14th

, July 14, 2021

Everyone has a new friend at camp now.

We held our traditional Pal events this week, which is when every boy and girl at Camp Green Lane gets a new “pal.” We’ll pair younger bunks with older bunks, and the end result is every kid in camp, no matter how old or young they are, gets a new friend.

For the younger campers, this is an opportunity to befriend one of the big kids in camp. And for the older campers, Pals Night is a chance to take a younger camper under their wing and serve as a bit of a guardian angel in our home away from home.

The day after Pals night, you can see the magic in action. For example, when the boys stood in line at the Canteen, some of the younger boys got a big lift when their pals included them or just said hello as they walked by. Same with the girls, who got supportive hugs from their older pals or some new pairs of pals even spent parts of their Free Play getting to know each other.

Pals Night has been running for several years, and in many ways, it’s one of the most special things we do here at Camp Green Lane. Pals are just another layer to our tight-knit community that makes it easier to pull for each other, care for each other and celebrate each other like a family.

As you know, phone calls started this week and this can often be difficult for some campers. What you may not know is what happens here when your child hangs up the phone. Last night, some of the youngest girls experienced some pangs of homesickness after their calls, but what happened right after they hung up was so special.

Friends found each other outside, they hugged, they propped each other up, and within minutes, those tears turned to smiles and they were back to Free Play, laughing and playing and being with their friends in their summer home.

We talk all the time about how camp friendships are the best. But on days like this, you can see it with your eyes and it sure is special to witness.

See you tomorrow!