Camp Green Lane Blog Post, July 14th

, July 14, 2021

Today was a special day at camp. It was a day at least one Senior Boy may never forget.

That’s because it was his birthday today. But a whole lot more happened. During morning Leagues, his team got off to a great start in soccer. It was a very competitive match, as most Senior Boys/Greeks Leagues games tend to be. The boys played hard. But one team took a decisive advantage deep into the second half.

Still, the winning team’s best player kept taking runs through and around the defense. Then he would pass to the birthday boy on the far post.

This went on for a few minutes before it became apparent our birthday boy’s Leagues team was working to get him a goal on his big day. Despite the lopsided score in their favor, they worked hard against an aggressive and prideful defense to get their teammate a goal on his birthday.

Tristan Schneider finally got open and connected for the final goal of the game. His team came off the sideline and celebrated together. The plan worked.

Tristan’s bunk, the Braves, then celebrated his birthday with a pizza party and, as inspection winners from last week, they capped it off with an ice cream party for dessert.

A goal. Pizza. Ice cream. And a party with your camp friends.

How was your Wednesday?