Camp Green Lane Blog Post-July 15th

, July 15, 2017

What an amazing Olympic dance last night! All three of our Olympic teams sung their hearts out but there could only be 1 winner. The Pop Music team came out on top with an amazing song that could not be beat. Congratulations to all our teams on an awesome Olympic day.

Today at camp we welcomed 42 new campers to Camp Green Lane for the night for our New Ventures Rookie Weekend program. It is so nice to see all the young smiling faces enjoying their first time, and let me tell you they are getting the ultimate camp experience. They are trying everything that CGL has to offer and more. We hope they have an incredible first night at camp and this becomes the start of their Camp Green Lane journey.

Tonight we will have a special evening activity called the Ultimate Human Game board. The entire camp has been split up into 3 teams; red, blue and green. We cannot wait to see who end up on top!

Yours in camping

Aunt Jessie