Camp Green Lane Blog Post July 15th

, July 15, 2018

Last night’s evening activity was a magical time as Camp Green Lane was visited by the famed magician Kevin C Carr! Campers were oohing and aahing throughout the entire performance as Kevin mystified the crowd with his magic, juggling, and balancing acts. Every hand in the audience was waving frantically in the air every time Kevin asked for volunteers to come up on the stage!

Today, CGL enjoyed a nice and cool rainy morning where campers had a blast playing indoor games with their bunkmates, such as Low Organizes Games, Team Building, Card playing, dances in the Globe, Arts and Crafts, etc…. After our traditional bagel and lox Sunday lunch, the skies completely cleared and campers resumed their regular afternoon activities under sunny skies.

The night before the Olympics the Inters, Debs, and Cadets treated CGL to an Off-Broadway musical production of The Lion King! The audience was engrossed as their bunkmates sang, danced, and acted their way through this iconic story. Watching campers’ passion and confidence grow as they took the stage was a sight to behold!