Camp Green Lane Blog Post July 15th

, July 15, 2016

Last night at the Inters, Debs and Cadets show “Dreaming of Disney”, campers showed of their theater talents as they sang and danced the night away. With beautiful solos and all cast acts the audience was beaming with glee watching their friends and Camp Green Lane family light up the stage. Great job to all of those who participated in the production!

Today was the Green Lane Olympics, and in order to begin the ceremony, past camper captains ran the torch to open the Olympic day. Then, the captains of the teams of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner competed in a fear factor challenge ending in a victory for the Dinner team. The ceremony continued as each team cheered with pride. All teams showed excitement and we’re ready to begin the games. From human size tic-tac-toe to the color run obstacle course, to Hungarian Frisbee, to Steal the Bacon, everyone had a blast. Tonight we will end the day at the Olympic dance and hear each team’s song and crown an Olympic winner.

Who will win?

Yours in camping,

Aunt Jessie