Camp Green Lane Blog Post July 16th

, July 16, 2016

Happy New Ventures Weekend! First off I would like to start todays’ blog by announcing the winner of the 2016 Camp Green Lane Olympic games…Team Breakfast! All of our teams fought hard and had an awesome time at the dance last night.

Today at camp we welcomed 35 new campers to Camp Green Lane for the night. It is so nice seeing all the young smiling faces enjoying camp for their first time, and let me tell you they are getting the ultimate camp experience in 24 hours. They are trying everything that CGL has to offer and more. We hope they have an amazing first day at camp and this becomes a wonderful start to their Camp Green Lane story.

On top of all our new campers coming up for the day we also had a special surprise for all of Camp Green Lane, Camplified! ( Camplied brings some amazing stuff to camp. First during the day our campers participated in a carnival of activities provided for them. They tried out cool scooters, made spin art on vinyl records, learned how to DJ using turn tables and took lots of photo booth pictures. Tonight we will have a live rock concert in the Globe. We have 4 awesome bands here to perform for us of all different styles. The kids have been meeting the artists and getting to talk to them all day and are super pumped to hear them play tonight. Camp Green Lane is ready to jam out!


Yours in camping


Aunt Jessie