Camp Green Lane Blog Post-July 17th

, July 17, 2017

My name is Aunt Barb and I am the Arts and Crafts Director here at Camp Green Lane. During the school year I teach high school math and during the summer I get to be creative at camp.

I recently watched a former student of mine, lead our Friday night service and speak to the campers and staff and it was right then when I realized my two worlds came together.

There are so many times during the school year I feel stuck , the pressure of state tests, preparing kids for what comes next. When here I am at camp and I have such freedom to teach kids how to be creative and truly think on their own.

These kids, your kids, our kids come in and ask can I , is it ok if I and what about this and I get to say YES. Yes to taking that cardboard and making a robot , yes to taking the sleeves off a shirt and sewing them into scrunchies, yes to looking at their painting and changing it midway because they came up with a new idea. Yes to making a necklace yes to getting messy and yes to get them to truly think independently and watch their ideas come to life. It’s refreshing , it’s inspiring and it’s my passion. I want to thank Cory for leading that service and for helping me realize that Camp Green Lane gives me the opportunity to follow my heart. I love it here.

Yours in Camping,

Aunt Barb