Camp Green Lane Blog Post, July 17th

, July 17, 2021

Last night we held our weekly Friday Night Services. This week’s program was hosted by the Deb Girls. The night of song and reflection was another great reminder of some special people we have in camp with us.

Three more coveted CHIPs were awarded this week. The first, awarded for Integrity, went to Andrew Blizzard, who is in Alpha.  The other two were awarded to counselors Owen Bennett (Braves) and Ethan Fulkerson (Yankees), who took time off their off days to coach their Leagues teams.

For fans of the blog, it was Fulkerson and Bennett who coached those players to get a goal on Wednesday for a camper celebrating his birthday.

There was plenty more sportsmanship on display today as we went through a sun-drenched Funday schedule. There was water polo in the pool all day for the Inter Boys, Inter Girls and Cadets, and Free Swim in the afternoon. We had pizza for lunch and ice pops for Snack Squad.

Tonight many campers will have Casino Night for evening activity. That’s when the Dining Hall is transformed into a casino, with lots of games and snacks—and really great prizes!

See you tomorrow!