Camp Green Lane Blog Post July-18th

, July 18, 2017

As I looked at tonight’s evening activity schedule I realized that tomorrow is the exact half waypoint of the summer. As of tomorrow we will have been here for 3 and a half weeks and thus we have only 3 and a half weeks left, that’s it. It’s crazy how fast the summer moves. I feel like just yesterday having our first Camp within a Camp, Dance camp. Now today we are on our fourth Camp within a Camp -Lacrosse camp. We just keep moving through special events, trips, and regular days. There is no stopping the time so everyone is just hopping on the train and enjoying the ride.

This coming week is one we need to really make last because we don’t have many regular weeks of camp left. With visiting day just around the corner it will not be long till we hear those booms and run to BB1. Excitement is already starting to build for what is to come in camp, but I am trying to make sure all the campers live in the moment. Camp memories come from the little moments that you thought you would never remember, but for some reason you can never forget. One of the only things I remember from my first summer in 1999 was walking to an activity with my friends and it started hailing in the middle of the summer. It was crazy and we all sprinted into the gym and played games of Hoggie Poogie till the sky cleared. It was such a simple moment but I will remember it for the rest of my life. So for the next 3 and a half weeks I’m hoping to help the campers remember the little moments that they will keep in their hearts forever.

Yours in camping

Aunt Jessie