Camp Green Lane Blog Post, July 18th, 2021

, July 18, 2021

There’s a lot going on today at Camp Green Lane.

First off, we had a 10:00 breakfast today, and we were all happy to sleep a bit later this morning. But just because we got off to a later start doesn’t mean it was a lazy Sunday at camp by any stretch of the imagination.

This morning we had Super Clean Up and got our cabins nice and neat for the week.

Right before lunch, the real fun began. All Senior Boys and Girls and the Greeks were called to BB1 with a clean sock in tow. Uncle Jesse then informed them they were going to play a game called A-Socks-ination, in which you are assigned a “target” and you have to “eliminate” them by the end of the day.

You do this by placing a sock on their shoulder, essentially a-socks-inating them. Once you eliminate your target, you are then responsible to taking our their target, until there’s no one left.

The game will go on for days. Many of us have already been eliminated. So it has been a wild day, with campers, counselors and even Upper Staff members hiding under stairs and around corners waiting to take out their targets.

Of course, they are playing to win because the winner of the game, whenever it ends, will get to Doordash three meals in a single day. It seems they really want to win that prize!

As if that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, Olympics also broke this afternoon! Following Juice Squad, campers were drawn to BB1 for the highly anticipated Olympics break.

Olympics is when the camp is split into four teams. We’ll compete all day in wild and crazy events on Thursday. Each team will learn a song and a winner will be crowned at the Olympics Dance that night.

Today, we were introduced to the eight captains and their teams:

Earth—Lily Kelley and Ethan Kruger

Water—Lindsay Messinger and Jack Weiner

Air—Tori Auerbach and Nate Sterinbach

Fire—Abigail Heltzer and Adam Barrett

Congratulations to all the captains! Campers and counselors will find out what team they’re on soon.

See you tomorrow!