Camp Green Lane Blog Post-July 19th

, July 19, 2017

Another beautiful day at camp and another day of Inter Camp Games! Today our 12 year olds through 16-year-olds played Camp Nockamixon in both basketball and soccer. It was an awesome day. There were a lot of close games and cheering for our teams. Even though we might not have won every game, everyone had a great time. The best part about today was all of the awesome sportsmanship I saw throughout camp. Both boys, who stayed at CGL, and Girls, who played away, represented Green Lane in a great way. They were polite and gracious. Everyone played hard and fair and was happy with his or her performance. It’s awesome how excited our kids get when we play sports competitively. Whether it is inter camp games, or leagues or even color war, everyone puts in all their effort and goes all out. There is no complaining about bad calls or opponents at CGL. Everyone shakes hands at the end of the game and life goes on. It’s great seeing everyone show sportsmanship as we get closer to color war. This week at services the CHIP we are giving out is for sportsmanship so it will be interesting to see who wins it because I feel like everyone here deserves it!

Yours in camping

Aunt Jessie