Camp Green Lane Blog Post, July 1st, 2021

, July 1, 2021

Today’s blog was compiled during the Journalism activity this afternoon by the Yankees cabin.

The Yankees are lower Senior Boys (going into 8th grade) and they wanted everyone at home to know how much fun everyone is having here at camp.

They also wanted to report some incredible Leagues performances turned in by their friends, such as Ben Goodfriend’s four touchdown passes this morning in football, Zack Rayman’s seven goals in soccer, and Piece Blackwell’s 19 points in hoops.

They were also excited to report on a muddy football game they held in the middle of the morning rain, followed by an impromptu mudslide and a run around the bases on Softball 1 with the rest of the division.

They especially wanted to report on how dirty they all got during that rain party, and how the dirt and the mud and the rain made it even more fun. “When we get dirty,” they said, “it’s like we’re doing stuff we don’t get to do all year.”

And then their conversation about this blog turned to opportunity, and making the most of the time we’re here together. They talked about pouring every ounce of fun into this summer, no matter if it rains like it did today, or when it’s steamy like it was yesterday. They talked about how long they’ve been waiting for days like today, and how excited they are for whatever comes next.

Our campers learn a lot during their time at Camp Green Lane. But on days like today, when a little rain and mud were accelerants for fun and indelible memories, the boys of the Yankees taught us something, too:

That every moment at camp truly is an opportunity to turn a regular day into an extraordinary one.

Today was one of those.