Camp Green Lane Blog Post July 1st

, July 1, 2018

Laughter was heard throughout all of Camp Green Lane last night during evening activities. Inter Girls ran around camp trying to find their Counselors during the Counselor Hunt, while the Senior Girls were bonding as they ran through camp trying to get all of the items and answers to their scavenger hunt. Senior Boys were mentoring Inter Boys on the basketball courts in their first Pal Event of the summer. Each Inter Boy is paired with a Senior Boy.  These campers will act as their big brother throughout the whole summer.  Each of the other divisions will be having their Pal events very soon!  Debs and Cadets were having cannon ball contests in the pool, and Greeks had a fireside chat in the gym. It was simply one of those magical nights at camp where the joy was palpable.

After a regular schedule in the morning, we decided to switch to a Steamy Day schedule for the afternoon. Luckily, Camp Green Lane always seems to enjoy a lower temperature than our surrounding areas (my car registered 97 degrees in Lansdale today, only 6 miles away, but only 87 in camp). Nevertheless, with campers’ safety our number one priority, camp was treated to a Steamy Day schedule where campers rotated between the pool, lake, waterfights on the lawn, sprinkler dances, ping pong, mini-golf, arts and crafts, and FROLF!

For tonight’s activities, Inter Boys will paint, Inter Girls will play zoo keeper, Cadets will play capture the flag, Debs will go bowling, Senior Boys will play night leagues, Senior Girls will compete in Shark Tank (one of my favorite activities!), and Greeks will head to Freddy Hill.