Camp Green Lane Blog Post, July 20th

, July 20, 2021

Today was Camp Kindness Day at Camp Green Lane!

Of course, we like to think everyday is a day to celebrate kindness, sportsmanship and compassion here at Camp Green Lane. But today we leaned into kindness a little more than usual in a celebration of each other and everyone and everything we are so thankful for here at CGL.

Activities were simple, but that’s the thing about kindness: these gestures don’t need to be grand. Simple notes of appreciation, inspiring words or just a “thank you” seems to go a long way.

So for Kindness Day today, everyone at camp took time out of their busy days to add a little note to our wall of kindness in the Canteen. That’s when we all write a little note or inspiring comment or even a compassionate few words on a sticky note. The stickies were added to a wall in the Canteen and by the end of the day, it was packed with messages of kindness!

In addition to the public kindness wall, campers and counselors were also given an option to write a letter of appreciation to someone around camp. Perhaps there was someone they wanted to thank for giving them a lift one day, or for someone who is always a source of joy and excitement.

Finally, most of the walkways around the Circle were decorated with chalk and messages and pictures of kindness. The tent outside the Infirmary was tagged with a loving message for our CGL nurses. Camp is a pretty kind place, but on days like today, we are overflowing with good vibes!

Of course, the A-socks-ination game has continued. According to sources, there are less than 10 players remaining in the game. Today though, they are eliminating each other with kindness!

See you tomorrow!