Camp Green Lane Blog Post-July 22nd

, July 22, 2017

Another visiting day has come and gone. Everyone was laughing, hugging, smiling, and of course eating ridiculous amounts of food. It was so nice to look around camp and see generations of families sitting together enjoying the warmth of the arches as well as the warmth of the weather.

We were wowed by the Inters, Debs/Cadets Moana performance, the CGL dance team, gymnasts and many of the other talents that our campers had to offer. The day was a huge success! Thank you all for your cooperation during this day. We know how much you love your children, and thank you for trusting us with that responsibility during the summer. We appreciate all your kindness and are happy to tell you there was all smiles as the campers went to the pool this afternoon.

While we loved having you here, we are more excited for the second half of the best summer ever. We have special events coming up like Halloween, Soccer camp within a camp, Seniors and Greeks show, Battle of the Divisions, trips and of course Color War!!! The cheers of 1-2-3-4- We Want Color War have already started in the dining hall. Everyone is watching out for those booms!

Tonight we have Unique Entertainment coming in to do an interactive game show with all of our campers. There is a show for inters, debs/cadets, and a separate show for the seniors and Greeks. They came for staff orientation and everyone had a blast. People were up cheering, laughing, and making fools out of themselves in the best way possible. Stay tuned for pictures from tonight. We know they will all have a great time!

Yours in Camping,

Uncle Jay and Uncle Adam