Camp Green Lane Blog Post July 22nd

, July 22, 2018

Camp is back in action! It’s almost as if Visiting Day never happened. We went right back into our regular schedule starting the rotation over with Someday. Hopefully we can get one more full rotation in by Color War, but who knows when that is going to happen! Mid afternoon, a 30 minute rain shower,  provided  camp with a camp wide mud slide that all campers seem to really enjoy!  Check out those pictures on Facebook!

Today was the first day I really started to hear campers talk about Color War. As I walked down form my cabin this morning I listened in to Holiday speculate when the break would be. The girls started to count down the days, they brought into account the special events left and what needs to happen after color war. It was pretty impressive for campers who have never even experienced it yet, but that’s what makes the wait even better. Everyone has their own idea of when and how it will happen! Who knows we could wake up any day now to the sound of 3 booms…