Camp Green Lane Blog Post July 23rd

, July 23, 2018

Though Color War anticipation is in full swing, it’s not taking away from the present activities one bit. As I look out the window I see campers playing volleyball in the pool, shooting hoops on BB1, and rowing canoes in the lake. While everyone loves special events like Color War, it’s these “regular” days of camp I find most charming. How sweet it is to be surrounded by such joy? There’s good reason as to why sleep away/overnight summer camp is an iconic American pastime, and I’m proud of Camp Green Lane being a part of the tradition.

Today was the wildly popular Iron Chef Cooking Camp-Within-A-Camp run by CGL Alumni chefs and a Current Camp Parent Chef, Chefs Chad Rosenthal, Todd Bergman, Adam Schuman and Scott Stein all lead their teams all morning in a valiant effort! Campers were learning so much as they prepared three courses with the theme “Gourmet Camp Food” focusing on camp staples like grilled cheese, mac-n-cheese, and s’mores. Campers were split into four teams, each led by a chef, and had their dishes judged based on plating and taste. Everything was delicious; everyone was lining up to eat everything in sight! I’m sure parents will be thrilled to have their kids cook for them when camp is over.