Camp Green Lane Blog Post July 23rd

, July 23, 2019

Today was Anyday on our camp schedule but it is also National Camp Kindness Day!

Camp Kindness Day is a day to celebrate kindness, which is something we try to celebrate every day here between the arches. We strive to instill kindness in our cabins and to create friendships throughout all of our campers. 

For Camp Kindness Day today we decided to create our very own kindness wall in our Canteen. We tasked every camper with writing a note that would make someone else smile. We created a wall of positivity and love and happiness. A wall that will brighten everyone’s day. 

Our goal is to have the campers take a note home with them at the end of the summer that resonates with them. A note they can keep during the cold winter months. Something they can look at it when they need it most to think of their loving summer home. A place that accepts everyone and wants the best for everyone here.

The coolest part is the campers won’t know who wrote each but that doesn’t matter because we are all one big Camp Green Lane family. 

You can watch the video here